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Welcome to the Home Page of the Recorder Society of North Queensland (NQRS)

The North Queensland Recorder Society was established in 1995 to bring together recorder players in the Townsville and wider North Queensland region for skills development and social playing. To find out more about the Society and membership or to contact the Society visit the About page.



The February 2016 edition of the Newsletter has been posted to the Newsletter page, where you can download it and previous editions as pdf files.


At the 2015 AGM members completed a membership survey about the Society and its activities. Nicky, our treasurer, compiled the results and this is available as pdf document. The committee has used it as the basis for revising our activities for 2016 and implemented major changes.


The main change is that the quarterly play days and the annual weekend workshop are being replaced by monthly workshops on the afternoon of the 3rd Sunday of each month starting on 21 February (except in May 2016 when the workshop will take place on 22 May - the 4th Sunday). The timetable has been posted to the Activities page.

See the Workshops page for a description of the format and content of the monthly workshops.


Visit the Resources page to find out about other aspects of recorder playing in North Queensland.