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Welcome to the Home Page of the Recorder Society of North Queensland (NQRS)

The North Queensland Recorder Society was established in 1995 to bring together recorder players in the Townsville and wider North Queensland region for skills development and social playing. To find out more about the Society and membership or to contact the Society visit the ABOUT page.


NEXT PLAY DAY 1 NOVEMBER 2015 (posted 14 August 2015).

Heather Coleman is our leader for the next play day on the first Sunday in November. See the ACTIVITIES page for more details.

CHRISTMAS BUSKING 6 DECEMBER 2015 (posted 14 August 2015).

As usual, we are busking for charity in Cotters Market before Christmas. See the ACTIVITIES page for more details.

14 November 2014

RESOURCES & LINKS. The page on Recorder and Early Music Links on Malcolm's Website has at last been transferred to the RESOURCES page.

Please send us any suggestions for changes or additions:

28 October 2014.

NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE. All the remaining digital NQRS newsletters, covering the period back to the beginning of 2005, have been transferred from Malcolm's Website to this one. Where necessary, they have been converted to pdfs. You can download them from the table at the bottom of the NEWSLETTER page.

The Society organises various activities for small and large groups of recorder players. Visit the ACTIVITIES page to read about these, see the calendar of coming events and read about past events.


The Society publishes a quarterly Newsletter. You can download the current and previous editions of it on the NEWSLETTER page.


Visit the RESOURCES page to find out about other aspects of recorder playing in North Queensland.