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The sessions are led by experienced local tutors Heather Coleman, Valerie Huston and Kate Saunders.


Adults $5 per workshop; juniors (under 18) $2. Discount rate of $20 for 5 workshops (adults) or $8 for 5 workshops (juniors). Members are encouraged to pay the discount rate with the annual membership.

Fees will cover music, music folder (provided on the first day) and refreshments.


Normally held on the third Sunday of each month. Check the Calendar page to confirm current dates.

Date, Time Event
2:00pm-3:00pm Whole Group Session
3:00pm-3:20pm Afternoon tea
3:20pm-4:00pm Separate sessions by skill level (two)
4:00pm-4:30pm Whole Group Review


Please arrive at 1.45pm for a 2pm start, as it is a packed programme.

2pm to 3pm is a whole group session, split into three twenty minute sections. Each twenty minute section will be taken by a different tutor and three different styles will be covered.

3pm to 3.20 is afternoon tea. Tea, coffee, cold water, and biscuits will be supplied to keep it short and simple. Members are welcome to bring individual snacks/drinks if these do not suit. The Important thing is to be ready to go again at 3.20.

3.20 to 4pm is a divided session, with a choice of two levels, split into two twenty minute sections, again, with different tutors and different styles covered.

4pm to 4.30 is a review session and everyone return to the whole group for a quick refresher run of the three pieces worked on in the beginning whole group session.


The Workshop are held at St Joseph's School on the Strand, actually located in Fryer Street. See map below. The Church where the Sunday afternoon concert will take place is beside the school closer to the Strand.

Map of the Strand showing location of St Joseph's School in Fryer St

Enter the school via the entrance shown below. This entrance is farther up Fryer Street (away from the Strand) than the main school entrance.

Entrance to St Joseph's School

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