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2018 Calendar of NQRS


For 2018, large group activities are taking the form of:

A small group of players meets at 7:30pm every Tuesday at the Tattersall's studio in Mundingburra. Phone Glenda Tattersall for information: 07 4725 6937.

A U3A group of players meets at 1:30-3:30pm every Tuesday at the house of Ros Burry, 14 Bottiger St, Nelly Bay, behind the Health Clinic at 76 Sooning St (not the Medical Centre at 98 Sooning St). Phone Ros for information: 07 4778 5082.


Sat 8 September
3pm - 4pm

Musical Afternoon

Concert followed by afternoon tea in support Queensland Drought Appeal at St Margaret's Anglican Church, 8 Endeavour Road, Arcadia. Performers will include U3A Recorder Group. Information: 07 4778 5628 and

Sun 14 October
3pm - 5pm

Musical Après Midi

Community Centre, Villa McAuley Retirement Village, 2 Acacia Street, Gulliver. Bring instruments, music stands and, if you wish, a contribution for afternoon tea. Contact Cynthia Marsh: 0410 324 910 and


Fri-Sun 12-14 Jul

Weekend Residential Workshop

Friday 12 July to Sunday 14 July 2019, Arcadia Village Motel, Magnetic Island