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Planning for a non-residential one-day workshop in winter is under way, as is planning for a group to perform at the Townsville Mediaeval Festival in August.

Please ask to be added to our mailing list, or watch this space.

Play-Days - Rehearsals – Performances

Members of the North Queensland Recorder Society (NQRS) are invited to join our free Play-Days and rehearsals to be part of two performances in 2024.

First Play-Day: Saturday, 18 May, 3 – 5:30pm

Bring your recorders and music stand and join the fun.

Registration for Performance Events and Play-Days 2024

The Recorder Society is organising two performance events for its members and guests in 2024:

1) at the Medieval Festival on Sunday, 18 August 2024, at Cluden Park (in the early afternoon)

2) in a concert at St. James Cathedral on Saturday, 12 October 2024, 4pm

For each event, performers can register to perform a piece on their own (solo or in self-organised small groups), or participate in a bigger group with rehearsals scheduled on Saturday or Sunday.

The Society also offers get-togethers for members "just for fun". Some of the set dates will be half "Play-Day", half rehearsals for the performances:

a) dates for those "hybrid" get-togethers are Saturday, 18 May; Sunday, 14 July; Saturday, 31 August

b) dates for performance rehearsals only (in addition to the "hybrid" rehearsals) are Saturday, 1 June; Saturday, 27 July; Sunday, 11 August; Saturday, 14 September; Monday, 7 October.

NB: The organised rehearsals and play-days are for members only. If you are not a member, it is easy to become one: please download and complete our membership form.

Please register via the QR code below or by following this link to jotform. You will receive a confirmation email with the address of the May 18 Play-Day.


Class flyer

Beginner and Intermediate Classes May-June

NQRS offers two courses of group lessons for recorder students in term 2:

a) A beginner class for descant recorder (C-fingering) on Wednesdays 5:15pm-6:15pm. This one is for people who want to learn to play an easy instrument and learn music notation along the way. Start date 1 May - end 5 June.

b) A development session for all sizes of recorder on Fridays 5:30pm-6:30pm. This one is for people who are familiar with one fingering (descant or treble) and want to learn the other, or are just looking for practice time in a group to improve reading skills. Start date 3 May - end 7 June.

Both sessions are led by Anne Milanovic in Cranbrook.

Participants need to bring their own recorder and a music stand to the session. (If you haven’t got a recorder, please ask the teacher before buying one.)

Either group will go ahead with at least 4 participants.

Cost: $108 for NQRS members / $120 for non-members

(payable to Westpac account name: NQ Recorder Society; BSB 034 1212; acc 134 217; reference: Name Term 2 2024)

Please wait for confirmation that the sessions will go ahead before paying your fee.

Register here:

Annual General Meeting.

The AGM was held on Sunday 24th March at 2pm at Janet's home in Hyde Park. Visit our Home page to see the new committee.

U3A Magnetic Island Recorder Group.

Thursday afternoons at Una’s home. Please contact Janet if you would like to join this small ongoing group of intermediate-level players.

Membership fees fall due on Jan 1 each year. Please click on this link to download the membership form.

Contact NQRS

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